My Name is Maren Krüger aka liloluda. I am a Berlin based freelancing media designer, always looking for interesting jobs, ideas & projects to work on. 

Originally from Rostock – a town at the Baltic Sea – I love and need the ocean as much as I love and need creativity. Both are full of miracles and secrets, enlightenment and stimulation.

Feel free to get in touch or just have a look around.


1996  Rostock University entrance diploma
1996 1999 Rostock University Anglistic / Romanistic Studies / Sociology
1999 2005 Weimar Bauhaus University Media Design
2005 Weimar Bauhaus University Diploma Media Design

Language Skills

German Mother tongue
English Excellent 1 year residence in Australia
Portuguese Good 1 year residence in Brazil


Since 2007 Freelancer in Berlin

All fields of visual communication for various agencies and institutions

/ www.telekom.de
/ www.q-bus.de
/ www.audible.de
/ www.cableguys.com/
/ www.elementfish.com
/ www.allianzglobalinvestors.de
/ www.geenee.me
/ www.rote-hose.org
/ www.fes.de
/ www.opus5.de
/ www.tutego.de
/ www.absolutmedien.de
/ www.ninahundhausen.de
/ www.pyrografie.de
/ www.transformat.de
/ www.duklickstgut.de
/ www.bindarri.com.au
/ www.icanw.org
/ www.dvize.com