I´ve created the Logo Design for the kite sport related platform.

Secundary colours:

The different steps of logo development:

Examples of usage:


HOMARO means humanity in esperanto and is also the name of a children’s home for kids, who came unattanded as refugees to germany. For communication with german institutions they needed a CI. So I made this.


I was asked to create a logo for a supermarket chain which fits into a crime scene within a german TV-Movie.
At the end of the scene the supermarket gets blown up – yeah!

SBZ – Deliveries

SBZ – Deliveries
To promote the offers / activities of the youth & cultural center ‚SBZ Rostock (Suedstadt / Biestow)‘ – I´m creating diverse designs / illutrations as volunteer work for several years now.
Have a look at the postcard I made for them in 2010.



Most of the time the Flyer designs have to come in colour AND in black & white because the sponsering of colourprints often contains just one poster, which is usually displayed in the cultural center – the handouts do have to work in black & white as well.
It´s a real pitty, but moneyflow for social work is not happening that much – as we all know…

Cableguys Product Family

Cableguys Product Family

While the cableguys are always improving software product family, the need of consistency in shape and look became more & more important. So besides turning the interface of the software itself into a darker and minimalistic look, we needed to work on the different plugin-names and make them a sign which works with the logo of the company. As for example
these products. I hope for them there is too be much more in the future.

Have you seen their new website as well? ;)

KUDDERS aged 10 years

KUDDERS aged 10 years!

After the record and the logo the kudders asked me to design – this time they had to celebrate something special. 10 years of finest Shanty-n-Roll. Now, they have a shirt & flyers that reminds them of the event ;)

AUDIBLE – Audio Play Cover Design

AUDIBLE – Audio Play Cover Design!

As I am doing Graphic Design Jobs for ‚Audible‘ since a couple of years now – I was asked to actually create my own designs for some of their publications. This is my first piece – according to the existing ‚Fitzek‘-Cover out there so far.

The task is always – to make it readable enough even on small-sized-thumbnails – but not boring to look at, when it is on large scale. So it was about Type Design then about any additional Visual because of the small-size-issue on any mobile or other audible devices.