Ifa 2011 – Exhibition Stand DTAG

Ifa 2011 – Exhibition Stand Deutsche Telekom

‚Virtual Window‘ was the name of this installation at the Exhibition Stand of the Deutsche Telekom this year at the Ifa.

The interactive device iPad was located 2m in front of the screen/window.

This is the Look at the Fair.

The Principle of the Virtual Window.

The cover of the window could be opened in real from the iPad.

The iPad in use.

The Look of the Virtual Window/Screen.

The Try to show the use of both devices ;)

Impressions of the 3D-generated Rooms of the house.

Nice’n’shiny is the design of the buttons i created for the iPad-Application. Each room got one color for orientation.

This is a Re-Use of the Design I made for the Cebit 2011 (Telekom Stand) last winter. A gigapan of enormous dimensions ;) compressed on just one screen and aplied to a single-touch-application. This ‚Panorama der Visionen (Panorama of Visions) has won a “Red Dot Design Award‚ this year.