Maren Krüger aka Liloluda

Information Design

Liloluda Logo unten

Liloluda Logo unten

Information Design – various

#1 Internship after my Diploma for Moniteurs:
Conception and Design of the CI of the Institute of Civil Engeneering Berlin. For their anual ‚Night of the Scienses‘.

#2 My Diploma – Final Thesis:
Development of an multimedial information- and orientation system.
Development of a keyvisual which fullfills several functions (such as being an arrow to show directions in the house | a logo | the smalest part of several textures for further design solutions).
This project ran along the renovation of the former living house of a national well known neorealistic writer (João Josè Cochofel) into cultural center in Coimbra (Portugal). The involved architects came up with a multifunctional furniture system, where my multiflexible signspeech took part.

#3 Fun project at uni-time.