HM 2019 – Exhibition Stand Siemens AG

In early 2019 I`ve created various interfaces for Siemens AG. Two of the many interactive exhibits will be shown here for a closer look.

An interactive table explaining and calculating individually editable information on the topic ENERGY.


On this table we let the visitor experience the digital-twin-solutions of siemens (FIBER) via an AR-application.

Watch the video on how it worked on the stand:

HM 2019 – Siemens – Fiber – AR from Lilo Luda on Vimeo.

An interactive application to demonstrate the principle of machine learning workflow – how is AI able to learn today – and imagine the potential tomorrow.

HM 2019 Siemens Future of industry – Machine Learning Workflow from Lilo Luda on Vimeo.

As well as designing visuals – defining transitions and  ui interactions is my task too.

Offline: Printed graphics for the stand.